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Sep 11 | John Platt

Career Focus: Engineering Management

Taking those first steps into management can be difficult, and there are many questions you might ask before moving forward. Is going into management the right career path for you? Are you right for management? Do you need extra training or skills to become an effective manager? What if it doesn't work out for you? Are the best paths for career growth with your current employer, or must you switch companies before you can advance?

Sep 11 | Peter Malpass

Risk Management: Integrated ERM and Cyber Security

Under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, publicly traded corporations must apply appropriate methods to ensure controls over the organization, one of which is enterprise risk management (ERM). Integrated ERM is a new concept, but without its adoption, other risk management types are either less likely to deliver maximum value or will fail to be sustained.

Sep 11 | Mauro Togneri

IEEE-USA Position Statements — What are They, Why do we Need Them and What do They do for Me?

Many people know that IEEE-USA takes positions on important engineering, technical and career-related aspects of public policy that impact U.S. IEEE members. But maybe you’re also among the many people who don’t really know much about IEEE-USA’s positions and what they’re meant to do.

Sep 11 | Debra Feldman

Seven Easy Steps that Guarantee Faster Executive Job Search Results

Having the right networking connections before you need job lead referrals shortens the duration of a job search and alleviates some of the stress associated with landing a new career challenge — especially in these recessionary times.

Sep 11 | George F. McClure

Region 3's Jobs Board: Fighting Engineering Unemployment

Unemployment in the United States is at its highest levels since the Bureau of Labor Statistics began tracking it in 1948. To aid unemployed IEEE members in finding jobs, Region 3 has set up a Jobs Board — a network of Employment Assistance Coordinators (EAC) — with the goal of establishing EACs in each of the Region’s 41 Sections.

Sep 11 | Ronald Land

Assessment Exam for Electrical/Electronics Engineering Technology Programs Now Available

Wondering if your 2- or 4-year university program is actually developing the desired knowledge, skills and abilities in graduates? If yours is an electrical or electronics engineering technology (or related) program, the Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology Departments Heads Association has a tool that can help you.

Sep 11 | IEEE-USA Staff

Zero Robotics Lets High School Students Program Robot Satellites in Space

A new national robotics competition from MIT, NASA and DARPA is letting high school students experience computing and engineering first hand by programming small space satellites to perform challenging tasks.

Sep 11 | Richard Schwarz, P.E.

NCEES Methodology for Scoring PE Exams, plus Recap of April 2011 Electrical and Computer PE Exam Results

A brief overview of how NCEES scores the PE exam, as well as a recap of the April 2011 Electrical and Computer PE exam results.

Sep 11 | Abby Robinson

IEEE-USA Toolkit

Whether you're a student, just starting your career, or getting close to retirement, IEEE has a wealth of resources to help at every stage of your professional life.

Sep 11 | IEEE-USA Staff

Tech News Digest

A roundup of news and notable developments in electrical engineering and computer or information technology.

Sep 11 | Nathan Brewer

Engineering and Pop Culture: Spaceflight in Silent Film


Sep 11 | Terrance Malkinson

World Bytes: Social Responsibility, Business and the Economy


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