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Feb 11 | IEEE-USA Staff

Employment Networks Can Enhance Your Job Search

Employment Networks (also known as job clubs or job networks) are small groups of individuals who come together in face-to-face meetings or electronically to help each other’s employment search.

Feb 11 | Donald Christiansen

Backscatter: Usability to the Rescue

Is it beyond our expectations that computer-based products could be so reliable and user friendly that the tech support function would no longer be needed? Displaced tech support personnel might then find more creative employment as usability professionals.

Feb 11 | IEEE-USA Staff

State of the Union Highlights S&T Themes

President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address to the 112th Congress outlined his Administration’s plans and priorities for the nation over the coming two years, and featured several science, technology, engineering and math themes.

Feb 11 | Debra Feldman

Seven Tips for Building Your Online Network

The proliferation and popularity of social and professional networking sites are driving changes in the traditional résumé, from a single-page print or pdf document to a variety of new media incarnations. How can you spruce up your online image?

Feb 11 | Doug Holly

Surviving the Unexpected Job Interview

You just found out that the company you work for has been acquired. The steps you take following that news can have a significant impact on whether or not the forthcoming changes provide you with favorable opportunities.

Feb 11 | John Platt

Engineering for Reparability: Designing for the Greater Good?

Should product engineers strive to design their devices to be reparable? Is it always even possible? What benefits come from designing a product that can be fixed — or from building one that can't?

Feb 11 | Russ Harrison

IEEE-USA Wants You to Welcome the New Congress

Congress welcomes 110 new members this year, most of whom do not have backgrounds in engineering or the sciences. IEEE-USA is looking for volunteers to visit your new Legislator’s local office to discuss IEEE and engineering.

Feb 11 | IEEE-USA Staff

A Look at the New House Science, Space and Technology Committee

The House Science and Technology Committee starts 2011 with a new chair, a new name, a long list of new members, and a new focus on oversight, government efficiency and the space program.

Feb 11 | Pender M. McCarter

Changing the Conversation: About Engineering

Late last year, representatives of industry, government, academia and professional societies (including the IEEE) met to galvanize support for a coordinated, national messaging campaign about engineering — incorporating the National Academy of Engineering’s core public-outreach messages.

Feb 11 | Gary Blank

IEEE-USA Toolkit

Whether you're a student, just starting your career, or getting close to retirement, IEEE has a wealth of resources to help at every stage of your professional life.

Feb 11 | IEEE-USA Staff

Tech Digest

A roundup of news and notable developments in electrical engineering and computer or information technology.

Feb 11 | Frederik Nebeker

Your Engineering Heritage: Electrical Technology Comes to the Laboratory


Feb 11 | Terrance Malkinson

World Bytes: The Peace Corps, JFK, and Sargent Shriver


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