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Aug 11 | John Platt

Career Focus: Cyber Security

Cyber crime is on the rise, threatening individuals' privacy, corporate coffers, government secrets, the security of financial institutions, the operation of national infrastructures, and much, much more. But with the rise of these threats also comes opportunities, as new careers are opening up for people to protect us from hackers, cyber criminals, organized crime, and even terrorists.

Aug 11 | Gunther Karger

The Restructured Engineer: How I Re-invented Myself and Kept Going

The need to reinvent one’s career is not new. In more than 50 years, this engineer has embarked on five or more careers. How he did it may be instructive to younger members.

Aug 11 | Donald Christiansen

Backscatter: Making Stuff

Many veteran engineers say that taking things apart when they were young helped lead them to successful engineering careers. Do today’s kids have the same opportunities to experiment?

Aug 11 | History Center Staff

A Brief History of the U.S. Federal Government and Innovation (Part III: 1945 and Beyond)

In this third installment of a series of articles on the long, broad and deep history of the federal government's role in technological innovation, IEEE History Center staff look at the period beginning with the conclusion of World War II through the 1987.

Aug 11 | IEEE-USA Staff

Have You Adopted the Email Charter?

In June, Chris Anderson and Jane Wulf of TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design), a non-profit organization devoted to “Ideas Worth Spreading,” declared in a blog post that email was getting out of hand for many people and issued a call for an Email Charter.

Aug 11 | Debra Feldman

(More) Easy Ways to Find Networking Contacts at Target Companies

Here are more easy ways to access the right insiders at target employers to learn about potential new career opportunities before they are advertised so that you are one of the first to put your name forward for a position and participate in the hidden job market.

Aug 11 | Ed Perkins

Risk-Based Decision Making

Recent events have highlighted the importance of risk-based decision making. Modern systems are becoming more complex and the economic, safety and other consequences of a system failure more serious. Ignoring risks because they are improbable and not worth analysis has proven to be highly risky in itself. Managing the risks of disruptive events is becoming a critical focus for business and society.

Aug 11 | Jim Jefferies

Policy 101: Watching Washington

Thanks to the internet, Americans now have much better access to information about Congress, pending legislation and their elected officials than ever before. You just need to know where to look.

Aug 11 | Marlin P. Ristenbatt

Opinion: The Patent Swamp

With engineers being drawn into unethical acts, shell companies with fake addresses being formed to behave much like the Mafia, IEEE Life Senior Member Marlin Ristenbatt believes we have entered a “swamp.”

Aug 11 | Cameron H.G. Wright, Ph.D., P.E.

How to Review for the PE Exam

A look at some of the options available to help you complete a successful review so that you will improve your chances of passing the PE exam.

Aug 11 | IEEE-USA Staff

National Strategy for Stewardship of Electronics Waste Announced

According to the EPA, Americans generate almost 2.5 million tons of used electronics every year, which are made from valuable resources such as precious metals and rare earth materials, as well as plastic and glass. At a 20 July event held at a certified electronics recycling center in Austin, Texas, representatives from EPA, GSA and the White House Council on Environmental Quality joined with senior executives from Dell, Spring, and Sony Electronics to unveil a new “National Strategy for Electronics Stewardship.”

Aug 11 | George F. McClure

How Safe Are We in Air Travel?

Two recent hearings by the House Oversight and Government Reform Subcommittee on National Security, Homeland Defense and Foreign Operations explored the current state of air travel safety. The first hearing, held on 16 March, entitled, "TSA Oversight Part 1: Whole Body Imaging" examined issues associated with the use of imaging technology, including effectiveness, privacy concerns, and health risks. The second hearing, “Airport Perimeter Security,” on 13 July, investigated the security of U.S. airports’ physical boundaries.

Aug 11 | Gary Blank

IEEE-USA Toolkit

Whether you're a student, just starting your career, or getting close to retirement, IEEE has a wealth of resources to help at every stage of your professional life.

Aug 11 | IEEE-USA Staff

Tech News Digest

A roundup of news and notable developments in electrical engineering and computer or information technology.

Aug 11 | Terrance Malkinson

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