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about today's engineer

About IEEE-USA Today's Engineer

IEEE-USA Today's Engineer Online is a monthly Web publication devoted to the issues affecting U.S. IEEE members' careers, such as professionalism, management skills, engineering performance, engineering skills and competencies, product development practices, project management issues, innovation and entrepreneurship, business practices.

Additionally, Today's Engineer Online includes articles and commentary on the topics that are shaping legislation, the technology workplace, and the engineering world.

Today's Engineer strives to provide insights into both hemispheres of IEEE-USA's operations:building careers and shaping public policy.

What you see here is a collaborative effort between IEEE volunteers, staff, consultants and freelancers. We hope you enjoy what you read here and, more importantly, take something with you that will enhance your careers and personal lives.

Please let us know how we're doing by e-mailing Today's Engineer at todaysengineer@ieee.org.

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