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   SEPTEMBER 2012        

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On “Every Engineer is a Green Engineer” (August 2012)

This is a most useful and timely article. It reminds us that earlier exploratory research suggested that green goals and technological progress are not opposed but go hand in hand:  http://t.co/2zgTkCDR If this is valid it will give a sharper focus to research on green technologies.

It also reminds us of the need for search procedures to look for clusters of new technologies that offer opportunities for innovation. It stresses the art of collaboration to find composite technological entities. Note the overlap with the article on "Technological Vigilance" (Today’s Engineer, March 012  http://bit.ly/zSmBZJ ). This article also mentions a source for  search procedures.

Rias J van Wyk
IEEE Member
Minneapolis, Minn.


On “Backscatter: Not My Type” (June 2012)

I just read Don Christiansen's article "Not My Type," and I agree  -- print periodicals (some of them) are becoming unreadably "cute." Give me black type in a serif font on a white background any day. It would be fun if someone were to conduct reading comprehension and speed tests to compare results between "designed" text and traditional text. I bet the results would be revealing.

Susan de la Vergne
IEEE Member
Lake Oswego, Ore.



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