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SEPTEMBER 2014     

We’re constantly bombarded by messages — by some credible accounts, more than 3,000 a day. Too often, we're so overwhelmed by the number of messages that come at us that we just glaze over. We expect that work-related messages and information will get a higher priority, but even if that’s the case, there’s still a noise level surrounding us all the time that even the worthiest business communication struggles to surmount... more
Aptitude tests were once widely used in K-12 grades to help provoke an interest in an area that a student was previously unaware — ultimately, steering him or her toward a challenging educational path and a rewarding career. What is their role in today's STEM education programs?
Today's science and technology policies are complex, with many dimensions. Are these important decisions to be made exclusively by politicians, lawyers and power brokers or do scientists, engineers and technicians want to have their say in making these choices?
For generations, we have struggled to overcome racial and gender discrimination in the workplace, and we are better and richer for the progress we have made. But are we doing enough to fight discrimination against another “protected” and growing class — senior Americans?
If you are responsible for hiring at your company, you should never start a recruitment campaign without a plan. Here are five mistakes to avoid next time you're looking to fill a position.
The U.S. engineering and surveying licensing boards that make up NCEES have voted to modify the approach to requiring additional education for initial engineering licensure by removing specific language in the NCEES Model Law and Model Rules, originally intended to be effective in 2020.

As we embark on an exciting new year, IEEE-USA invites members and non-members to submit story ideas and articles on career and public policy issues that affect U.S. technology professionals. Interested individuals should contact Today's Engineer Managing Editor Greg Hill at

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